STOP buy Painkiller Scams

STOP buy Painkiller online Scams

Join us to Stop buy Painkiller online scams through our report a scam page.

For many years, online Scammers have duped and deceived the elderly and those who are seriously ill into parting with their money with the promise of ‘no questions asked’ mail-order painkillers.

99.9% of these websites are scams.

To help put an end to this ‘con’, Ofta Pain sponsors the ‘Stop Scams’ website where readers can report a scam and check a scam.

This is Ofta Pain’s way of helping keep everyone safe online.

The aim of this website is to stop people from falling victim to an online Nembutal scam.

The idea is to create an online ‘Neighborhood Watch’ area where everyone has their back.

The reality is that no matter how professional a site might look, it will be a scam.

The task for those who have been scammed is to report the website so that others can be warned and avoid being ripped off.

Send inquiries to us directly if you are looking to report a scam

Beware of rogue Pharmacies offering painkillers online without prescription. Most of them are fake.

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