Buying Opana Online

Buying Opana online can be very easy if you know who to go to. For decades Ofta Pain has been providing Opana imported from Canada to her customers in the US and the rest of the world.

Buying Opana online
Getting Opana online

Last year we made a record sale of 6,800 pills and the orders keep coming. So send inquiries if you are looking to buy Opana online. We currently have Opana with strengths 5mg and 10mg ready to be delivered anywhere in the world.

Opana ER is a powerful pill that can be crushed and injected. It is used to treat moderate to severe pain as with the case of other opioids and produced by Endo Pharmaceuticals.

Very popular in Tennessee with supplies coming in directly from Canada and Mexico. This drug is amazing in the way it treats pain but you should know it is also very addictive.

New stock of Opana ER is now available for sale. Buy as much as 10,000 pills of Opana ER and get the best price on the market.

Mail order Opana online

When we talk about mailing Opana, we mean buying Opana online and have it delivered through the mail. Yes, it is very possible to buy Opana online from a different country and have it delivered to your address in the USA.

This is made possible by Ofta Pain the number one wholesaler of painkillers and other prescription medication. The drugs are imported from Canada so you can be sure about the quality.

Is it safe to buy Oxymorphone HCL, extended release (Opana ER) online

When buying Opana online, make sure you are getting an authentic pill. There are a lot of vendors who sell fake pills to people. These pills are very dangerous and can cause severe damage to those who consume them.

Another thing you should note is the expiry date. Expired medications can be dangerous so, make sure you ask before buying.

This is why you should trust Ofta Pain for all your supplies. We provide the best in the market with all our medications having a shelf-life of at least 8 months.

Note: Opana has been pulled from the market so what we have now is the old stock from Canada.

If you are thinking of buying Opana online, then contact us and buy in bulk since production has been stopped.

Price of Opana

We offer the best price of Opana even with the medication very scarce. Currently, we have Opana of strength 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg, and 40 mg which we sell for $4, $6, $8, and $10 respectively.

Send inquiries if you are looking to buy an Opana tablet for oral administration online.

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